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Primary Care & Gerontology

We deliver integrated, patient-centered care for chronic disease management, illness prevention, and age-related wellness.

Concierge medicine

Increasing the healthcare experience by including non-covered services to traditional primary care for a membership fee.


Improving overall health by integrating personalized and goal oriented healthcare to improve peoples quality of life.

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For many people that have chronic healthcare issues or are maybe getting older, it is important to have a provider that is available and knows them and their healthcare needs.

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What is concierge medicine?

Concierge care is based on a personalized relationship between a provider and a their patient that helps the provider address the person’s needs more efficiently. The concierge model does not mean that people are just charged extra for services. Concierge treatment IS the service and each person’s needs and wants are different. This means that what each person gets out of their membership should be different and tailored just to them.

Physical Examination
health care needs
Health Care Needs
Chronic Disease Management
Chronic Disease Management
primary care
Primary Care

About Shurine

Shurine Pate is a nurse practitioner that specializes in caring for adult and geriatric patients in the primary care setting. Shurine has more than 20 years of healthcare experience including clinical and surgical ophthalmology, primary care, and acute care. Her past nursing experience included caring for critically ill patients. This is where Shurine gained most of her nursing knowledge and the desire to provide great care to her patients to help them and their families overcome the difficulties of chronic and acute illness. Her experience as a nurse practitioner has been focused on internal medicine while trying to incorporate wellness interventions and patient-centered care in order to improve her patients’ quality of life.


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Shurine Pate

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Affordable Price

Basic memberships are equal to monthly bills we already pay. We also offer discounts for spouses.

Additional Options

In addition to traditional primary care, wellness services are offered for discounted prices for members.

Professional and Caring

The practice maintains a professional and caring environment while providing exceptional care.

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Dave Bickert
David Bickert

I have worked with Shurine Pate in the ICU. I trust her with my life. You will not find a better healthcare provider. She is honest, trustworthy, and brilliant."

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$ 240 / Month
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Regular Package

$ 320 / Month
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$ 450 / Month
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